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Drumack Coachworks specialise in two areas of the commercial vehicle market: commercial vehicle body building and tail lift installation, maintenance and repair.

Based in Rasharkin and Belfast, Drumack Coachworks offer a wealth of services to tail lift operators, from supplying tail lifts that match the operator’s individual requirements, to servicing, weight testing and round-the-clock breakdown support. More importantly, Drumack Coachworks are able to carry out the statutory "Thorough Examinations" required by The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

LOLER and PUWER became law at the end of 1998 and tail lifts fall within the scope of these Regulations. However, it is apparent that many operators are still confused about their legal obligations. We can help companies ensure that they are complying with the Law and therefore avoid substantial fines. Cyril Reid, Managing Director explains

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What are the legal requirements of LOLER?
In order to comply with LOLER, employers’ have a duty of care to ensure that all tail lifts are: strong and stable for their particular use and used in safe manner. All tail lifts must have at least two "Thorough Examinations" carried out each year by "competent persons". The Health and Safety Executive can ask to see the "Thorough Examination Report" at any given time.
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Can anyone be a "competent person"?
In short, the answer would be no! Before carrying out a "Thorough Examination" an engineer will have practical knowledge and experience. They need a good understanding of the Regulations and the procedures and obligations involved. In addition they will have an understanding of the mechanical principles involved that may affect the safety of the equipment that they are examining. An engineer should also be independent and impartial. There should be nothing that might persuade an engineer to understate or overstate a fault because of influence imposed upon him. They will provide a fair, accurate and impartial "Thorough Examination Report" to the tail lift operator.
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How can Drumack Coachworks help employers abide by LOLER
We realise the difficulties that many employers have with regards to the challenge of abiding by LOLER. For this reason, we employ experienced engineers who are fully trained and certified by Ratcliff Palfinger Tail Lifts Ltd as "competent" people, to undertake "Thorough Examinations" on ALL makes of tail lifts. Customers can be assured that our Engineers will not provide an unnecessary poor report in order to generate work for our company and we always make it clear to the customer that any faults found may be repaired by an engineer of the customer’s choosing. As far as possible we ensure that an engineer will not normally carry out a "Thorough Examination" on a lift on which he has carried out the most recent work on.

These examinations, as well as a comprehensive service, repair or weight test, can be carried out at our customer’s premises or at one of our workshops in either Rasharkin or Belfast. Thorough Examinations can also be carried by one of our Associates throughout the UK. In addition to "Thorough Examinations" we can also provide On-site Operator Training, where we instruct members of staff in the correct use of the tail lift equipment. Employers can therefore rest assured that, with our help, they are meeting the requirements of LOLER and avoid the hefty fines for non-compliance.
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How can customers book a "Thorough Examination"?
If anyone requires any further information on LOLER or would like to book a "Thorough Examination" then please contact either John or myself on 028 295 71215 or
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